For the Diaspora Investor

You are constantly sending money home and that is good.Very good in deed. But when it comes to relatives and friends, there is little you can do if you come back home and find nothing for all the money you thought you were investing. Absolutely

Lesedi Developers helps you avoid the heart ache that many from diaspora have experienced when they return home. We help you own property in prime areas, in an open and transparent manner, and give you the peace of mind that you need to continue working as hard as you work.
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Are you in the Diaspora?

Why Invest with Lesedi?

There is major housing gap

With a massive gap in housing demand verses supply, economic growth, rapid urbanisation and an expanding middle class, the real estate sector offers an almost guaranteed return on investment.



The geographical barrier

In as much as it is desirable to be physically present, you just are not able to view and scout for the assets of you interest

The prevalent trust gap

Those living in the diaspora lack credible partners to represent their interests, and the inability to safely , conveniently transact and close a deal through a trusted representative


What lesedi Developers offer

Prime property

Our work is to look for what is good for your investment. With our plots, you have a guaranteed return on investment


We recommend that you allow your friends, family &representatives to always play a supervisory role but not make the final decision for you. Have them to attend site visits and open days but be in direct contact with us to receive scanned receipts, agreements among other documents.


Simplified process

Land buying can be a complicated process, and it can also turn out to be a nightmare when those handling it deliberately choose so. We are not such people.

A wide portfolio

You get a wide range of properties to choose from, depending on your needs. We have something for everyone, be it residential or commercial

Important Notice

Always ensure you sign all the legal documents and receive your title deed personally through any means possible. Land transfer is a process that is regulated by law, ensure you fill in an offer letter, sign sale agreements and land transfer forms. These documents can be shared to you directly on email for signing, this ensures the process you have undertaken is legal. The availability of international courier services also provides you with the opportunity to personally receive your title deed.

Invest: Even when away

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