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General FAQS

[a]. Through purchase
one can own land through a direct purchase from the registered owner of the land.
[b]. Though continued possession.
You can own land if you’ve continuously settled in someone elses land for more than 12 years without interference from the real owner.
[c]. Inheritance.
One becomes the owner of a property by inheriting from the deceased, to whom one is the next of kin or  a beneficiary.
[d]. Allocation.
The government may at some point allocate public land to members of the public in permanent or temporary terms.
[e]. Compulsory acquisition of land.
This happens when the government compulsorily acquires land from her citizens for developments such as road expansions etc. The government however compensates those affected.
[f]. Settlement schemes by the government.
The government may chose to allocate land to people affected by natural disasters and epidemics

Common FAQS about Lesedi Developers

Below are some of the common frequently asked questions by our existing and potential clients.
Yes , we do allow instalments of unto 3 months from the date of purchase.

We allow clients to start developing their plots once they make 50% deposit of the agreed price and clear the balance within 3 months

We try to process your title deed within the shortest time possible but within a MAXIMUM of 3 months from the date of purchase.
We accept the following methods of payments.
-Cash [In our offices].
-Direct bank deposits.
-Bank transfers.
-Cheques [Current and bankers cheques]
Free site visits can be organised at any day Monday to Saturday with prior arrangements with the office, Call 0704 222 444  for the arrangements.
Our main office is located in Thika Bazaar building second floor, Thika town.
Our office numbers are 0704 222 444/0721 934 954.
You can engage your lawyer, a close friend or a family member to transact with us on your behalf. You shall give us the conditions on who to give the land documents or we can also ship to you in your location.

All of our plots are freehold.


Lesedi Developers is your premier partner for land and plots. We stand out in identifying the best land for you to invest in for best returns, in and around Thika.


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