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Executive Summary

Lesedi developers limited deals with buying and selling of land and real estate development, recently, we have started constructing houses for sale. We are led by executive professionals who have experience and know how in the real estate industry. Our office is located in Thika town, Thika Bazaar building second floor.

Background Synopsis

Any successful investment process should entail a detailed analysis of objectives factoring in time horizon, willingness and capacity for risk, level of income,return on investment (ROI) and many other factors in order to accomplish their goals. This is the foundation of goals-oriented investing.

Majority of Kenyans either lack financial literacy to invest prudently or simply don't want the daily hustles of risky ventures. Well, we take that risk for you and give you guaranteed returns. Many investors have developed an appetite for this concept of investing as it reduces risk. At the same time, many people are still held back by the fear of losing money or making uninformed decisions when investing because they do not always understand the underlying risks.


Our expertise in real estate trends plays a key role that always help us to make informed decisions. Land, unlike other assets will always increase in value, in its natural state, land is always worth something! The viability of a business is measured by its long-term survival and its ability to sustain profits over a period of time. A business is able to survive when it's viable because it continues to make a profit year after year. The longer a company can stay profitable, the better it's viability. In our proposed investment, investors provides funds then we find the best land and buy, We then subdivide and sell plots to third parties whilst you enjoy fixed profits. We also have upcoming housing projects to start soon. We allow diverse investors to pull capital together and find the best land investment for you.

Market Analysis

For the past two decades, the Kenyan real estate market has grown exponentially as evidenced by its contribution to the country’s GDP which grew from 10.5% in 2000 to 12.6% in 2012 and 13.8% in 2016. Among others, infrastructural developments has expanded the real estate market rapidly. There has been a growing need by Kenyans to own residential and commercial properties they can call their own. Lesedi developers limited has identified the real estate gap with factors such as affordability to consider. Expectations for the real estate market are modest, and the sector is relatively well prepared for slower economic growth, if it occurs. Among the highlights from the survey, which covers the 2019–2021 forecast period, are: ... GDP growth is projected to moderate further to 1.8 percent in 2020 and 2021

Products & Services

Statistics show that Nairobi is among the fastest-growing cities in Africa with an annual growth rate of about 4%. With population growth, the demand for affordable housing and land in the outskirts has continued to increase leading to the growth of satellite towns in the city that borders the capital.We largely give undivided attention and focus to land surrounding the city. Some of the things these areas have in common are the proximity to the capital city, Nairobi, an elaborate transportation system to and from the city, and finally the availability of affordable land. What we do is simple, we buy land, subdivide and sell in plots at affordable prices. We also construct houses and sell both off plan and ready houses.

Target Audience

We target anyone with "idle cash" for safe investment while you remain less concerned with the daily hustles. SACCOS, chamas, Kenyans in diaspora, busy professionals, retired persons etc widely fall in this category. We give all investors a safe platform to interact and make safe investments.

Due Diligence

Due diligence simply means means doing your homework- Before putting your business funds to work on anything. This might be your only hustle when you chose to invest with us, of course, we advise you to do some background check of our company's reputation- companies with strong positive reputations attract more people, that why we remain committed to our core values: customer service, creativity, professionalism and team work towards achieving the results that we promise our clients. The widely accepted practice of doing due diligence before committing to an investment mostly derives from common sense and, in some cases, a legal obligation. Nevertheless, there are studies indicating a positive correlation between the extent of the investor’s due diligence and the investment’s subsequent performance. The correlation appears to span different types of investment scenario. We strongly recommend our investors to have their lawyers as witnesses to our commitments and promises in this investment.

Challenges & Risks

Business risk is the exposure a company or organization has to factor(s) that will lower its profits or lead it to fail. Anything that threatens a company's ability to meet its target or achieve its financial goals is called business risk. These risks come from a variety of sources. Under our investment plan, Lesedi developers limited indemnifies to undertake all risks that may occur on behalf of our clients. We do the heavy hustles on your behalf, and pay fixed profits on monthly, quarterly or annually depending on your preference. We would not be exaggerating to say that our investors take ZERO risks in our investment plan as we take full responsibility of any risk that may arise.

Security & Guarantee

Majority of Kenyan's have lost their hard earned cash through scams and unscrupulous deals. We therefore expect a lot of questions regarding our investors security and guarantee for their cash. There is always a confusion between trust and honesty. In work situations, it is a slippery slope. Well, as they say, Pivoting early, based on real customer feedback, is always cheaper than late. Our response is, Invest and wait don't wait and invest because you'll have lost something that cannot be recovered- time.


For joining procedures kindly send an email to with your phone number, we shall respond as soon as we can.

Return on investment

We offer 15% per annum on principal invested for a minimum of 24 months. However, we are open for negotiations for even better terms for amounts above 10 million. profit payments are paid on 15th of every month and investors start enjoying their profits one month after depositing the principal. The least amount to invest is Ksh 500,000.


Its also to our investors advantage when they help us build a successful business, Our investors enjoy a benefit of 5% off for all our our plots and houses! We also offer free consultation to our investors on all matters of real estate.


Administrative fees help pay costs of paperwork, administrative staff, office equipment, rental fees, phone bills, and any other costs that an office or company might incur to stay open. Good news is that we don't charge any administrative or legal fees etc.

Exit Clause

For investors, exit strategies and other money management techniques can greatly enhance their trading by eliminating emotion and reducing risk. Before entering a trade, an investor is advised to set a point at which they will sell for a profit. We strongly recommend our investors to exit through IPO (Initial public offering) Its prudent to note that by the time you want to exit, your money might be tied up in our investments and hence a formal notice should be served to us 60 days earlier if you do not wish to renew the agreement which is done after every 24 months.


Lesedi Developers is your premier partner for land and plots. We stand out in identifying the best land for you to invest in for best returns, in and around Thika.


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