Decide when to OWN

What is Rent to Own?

It is a legally documented transaction under which property is leased in exchange for periodic payments, with an option to purchase it at some point during the agreement.

Is it needed in Kenya?

Here is why
Unscrupulous Land dealers

If you live in this country, you may have many familiar stories of how some agents sell air to innocent investors

Initial Deposit

A lot of people would like to start their investment journey, but it is sometimes just so hard to consolidated & save for a deposit

Utilize the property

Some people have always wondered how they can use land for alternative income generating activities. Leasing to own is the solution

We got your back

We understand the need to reduce the risk while investing. Talk to us for an opportunity to lease property through affordable payments as you decide on whether to own

How it works

Benefits of Lease-to-Own

Credit score less important

This program frees you and allows you to own property irrespective of your CRB report or employment status


Allows repayment installments of up to 36 months on select projects. This gives you no pressure and lets you invest at your own pace

No initial Deposit

You can start using your leased property immediately after entering into the agreement, without any initial deposit except your monthly payments

Invest at your pace, with confidence

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